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Evanston History Center

Concerned that much of Evanston’s early history was at risk of being lost with the death of the earliest settlers, a group of 7 residents founded the Evanston History Center (formerly the Evanston Historical Society) in 1898.

In 1942, Charles Gates and Caro Dawes arranged for Northwestern University to hold their house in trust for the Evanston History Center. Evanston History Center moved into the Dawes House in 1960 after Charles and Caro Dawes had both died.

In 1976 the Charles Gates Dawes House was named a National Historic Landmark.

Today, the Center collects, preserves, shares, and interprets the rich history of the City of Evanston through tours, exhibits, educational programs, community events and research facilities.


Deborah Kasindorf

Executive Director

Deborah Kasindorf has joined the Evanston History Center as Executive Director after spending the last eight years in the museum world on the East Coast. Most recently she was CEO/Executive…

Suzanne Farrand

Research Room Archivist

Suzanne has been with EHC since 2019 and assists the Director of Archives and manages the research room.  This includes helping patrons with research, and retrieving items from the archival…

Kris Hartzell

Director of Facilities, Visitor Services, and Collections

Kris has been with EHC since 2007.  Kris directs the preservation and maintenance of the Dawes house, serves as the collections registrar and oversees the artifact collection. She also leads…

Erin Hughes

Digital Content Manager

Erin works part-time as the Digital Content Manager for the Evanston History Center. Prior to this role, Erin was the Curator of Collections from 2007 to 2014 for the Evanston…

Rachel Jennens

Costume Curator

After volunteering in the collection for over 20 years, Rachel was named Interim Costume Curator 5 years ago, and Costume Curator in January of 2022.  She oversees the care and…

Grace Lehner

Director of Archives and Administration

Grace has been with EHC since 2013 and is responsible for managing the research room and archives, providing reference services, accessioning and describing the collections, and providing research assistance for…

Kristen Nelson

Director of External Relations

Kristen joins the Evanston History Center as Director of External Relations continuing a twenty-year career rich in maximizing capacity building for mission-driven nonprofit organizations from Boston to southeast Virginia. As…

Lori Osborne

Historian, and Director of the Evanston Women’s History Project

Lori has been with the Evanston History Center since 2006. Previously she served as EHC’s Director of Archives and Outreach.  Additionally she serves as Director of the Frances Willard House…

Board of Trustees

President: Katie Tucker Trippi
Vice-President, Facilities and Collections: Michael Girard
Vice-President, Membership: Jenifer McCartney
Secretary: Michael Sullivan
Treasurer: Geoffrey Bonn

A. Louis Allred
Kelly Bush
Jill Berryman Demma
Morris Fisher, MD
Consuelo (Connie) Gillock
Kim Hamilton
Gary Kaufman
Len Koroski
Ross Mathee
Susan Turner
Tosha Wilson

J. Robert (Bob) Barr
Sharon L. Ephraim
Eston Gross
Doug Honnold
Matt Struve

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